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Mastering..... the big room! Our mastering room was designed originally by Chris Morton from ARO Tech, an Adeladie based acoustic consultant. It has since evolved into the current space with the addition of Grover Notting speaker systems and power plants, our own custom built passive analogue monitor controller and various room treatments to provide a comfortable and accurate environment to work in. Our DAW system is a Merging Technologies PMX Masscore™ system, providing a stable platform for us to capture, edit, mix and master using efficient workflows so that our only focus is the music. Our outboard mastering gear includes TC Electronic System 6000, DAV 'Broadhurst Gardens" mastering EQ, Amek 9098 compressor, Studer valve saturation, and tape, with or without noise reduction. This combined with a large compliment of mastering grade plugins, gives us the best of both worlds of digital and analogue to best suit the job.

DA and AD conversion is managed through our Merging Technologies Hapi™ Ravenna network, enabling any format from 1Fs up to 8Fs, including DXD™ and DSD.
DXD™ is our format of choice for fine music and jazz capture. We also have the highly respected Emmlabs converters as well as vintage Studer and Apogee units.

Transfer from various formats is also available. We have well maintained DTRS, DAT, ADAT & 1/4" tape machines, all of which can be sync locked to our PMX system for multitape transfers of archived material to a digital format. We also offer record, 33/45/78 transfer as well as cassette.

A great space to work in will improve your creativity!

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Studio 2 is a smaller tracking, mixing and production room. Redesigned in 2014, the space is an accurate and comfortable environment to work in. We have comprehensive patching and routing options, allowing for either BYO laptop and simply plug in to our remote control surface, or to use our extensive Protools 12 system, built by Alex. Mic preamps consist of several channels of the legendary SSL VHD, UAD Apollo, Studer D-19 and 24 Tascam mic pres in the console. There are outboard compressors, gates, TC reverbs, dynamic EQ's and various synth modules. Just about anything can be routed to anywhere! The monitoring system in Studio 2 is also a Grover Notting system, Code 4's with GN Universal Power Plant and LF augmentation as well as Grover Notting CR2 cross reference speakers.

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Recording space. Our recording space is compact, but functional. It is ideal for tracking drums or rhythm section, overdubbing and vocal sessions.The room has different sections offering absorbtion in one end and diffusion at the other. It is air conditioned meaning we can work any time of the year and acoustically well isolated, preventing outside noises from interupting a session and making sure that we dont disturb the neighbours!

Our mic locker consists of Neuman, Sehnheiser, Beyer Dynamic, Audio Technica and Octava mics, with pattern choices from omni to hypercardoid and figure eight.

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Music Mastering, Recording and Production.
CD, DVD and USB duplication and replication.
Vinyl pressing.
Creative Interpretive solutions, audio tours, interactive touch screen displays.
Location recording in High Resoluion DXD.

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